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Christmas Parade 2005 Good turnout for the parade!


Christmas Parade 2004 All bikes were donated to needy kids!


Page one     Miscellaneous pics of Jeeps at the Toy Box.


Snoopy Jeep Pics!


Scramblers at Daytona! Pair of nice Scramblers at Daytona!


Jeep & Shuttle    Old Red Jeep out with members of CJeep at Kennedy Space Center with shuttle on pad "A" in the background.  Jeep is under an old launch tower that was involved in Apollo missions. And the kid --- of course. 


Bob Wood's Cj-5         Send comments to     Second CJ-5

Khaki Cj-5 1983 Bobtail                                       Restoration in 1999

Special section on Bob Wood's Cj-5. Read the specs and the adventures of this little jeep!

See the restoration process.

General: Purchased NEW in 1983 for $7,200. I like to call it my " cheap Jeep". The only extras purchased was the Heavy duty cooling system and extra capacity fuel tank. Jeep is mostly original.  VIN is 1JCCM85AXDT003329 and Chrysler says it may be the last production number for the CJ5's.

If anybody has more information on production I would appreciate knowing.

Under Hood:    Motor is the 258, T-176 transmission with the 300 Dana transfer case. Drive train is all standard from factory. In 1989 I installed the Carter two-barrel carb. In 1990 I installed a 1977 Chevy electronic ignition (the best) which is the simplest you can imagine, I only carry the module, cap and rotor with me. Toy Box installed a new engine 9000 miles ago (my 5th). Timing is set a 6 degrees btdc which has worked out perfectly, particularly with the trailer and my concern for lower engine temperatures.
Drivetrain: Stock issue. 

Suspension: Completely stock
Interior:   Aftermarket tach. 
Body:   Stainless Steel Accessories, Rust free after restoration in 1999.
Wheels:  Super Swamper 31x10 bias tires which have proven to be the best off and on road tires I have ever had, coming up on 40k with current set. 
Miscellaneous:  I have a Warn 6000# winch with a snatch block pulley which was installed in 1984. I also carry a Hijacker on the front bumper which can be used in numerous ways when off road, I've even pulled fenders off tires with it.  I also carry a CB and All-Weather radio. 
Trailer:  Trailer Specs:  Built in 1984...made from a Model "A" truck bed and the axel is a 1931 Chevy front end which was cut to match jeep tread and turned for higher clearance...trailer and cap are 1" less dimensions that the jeep...if jeep goes through a tight-spot the trailer will clear. Approximately 150K  Miles on Trailer

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