Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at the Toy Box?
We specialize in refurbishing and restoration of Jeep vehicles, in particular all CJ Models. We can take either your Jeep or one of ours and rebuild it, recondition body panels, and make it a reliable daily driver and a competent ‘wheeler!

Why should I buy from the Toy Box ?
We highly encourage all customers to shop around. Ask people with Jeeps, and that know about Jeep, you will ultimately come the conclusion that hundreds of others have, THE TOY BOX IS SIMPLY THE BEST JEEP SHOP AROUND.  WE DELIVER THE BEST QUALITY JEEP FOR THE LOWEST PRICE AROUND!

When can I get a Jeep?
This one is hard to answer. Generally, we can get one to you in a couple months. Occasionally sooner depending on availability — occasionally later, depending on what you want done.  Either call us or come by to get a time frame estimate.

Why can’t I get a Jeep sooner ?
We wish we had a lot of Jeeps ready for you to buy! Unfortunately, with the last CJ manufactured over 30 years ago, good CJ’s are hard to find. We search hard to find straight, clean bodies to restore. We are also starting to build YJ,TJ and JK’s now as well.  Customizing takes time. We set the Jeep up to your specs and sourcing all these parts takes time. We are usually in the process of restoring 5-10 Jeeps at any one time. This means a backlog for the customer. However, we feel that the finished product will be worth the wait.

Can you find me a Scrambler (CJ-8) ?
YES WE CAN! It will take time and patience though. There weren’t that many built (only 27,000) and finding a decent one takes time. It will take more time to restore it. BUT they are out there and we CAN find one for you!

Can you fix MY jeep to look like that ?
Yes, we can. However it will take time. Come in and talk to us and we can see what you have and what you want. We will give you an estimate and an approximate time frame. It is best to bring in your Jeep to us to see though.

Can I bring my own parts?
Yes you can, but it is not recommended, mainly because we CANNOT warranty or guarantee the performance or fit into the vehicle of any parts that you may purchase elsewhere.  But we do carry and inventory of both used and new parts that we use to rebuild our Jeeps . We get good deals on parts because we deal in volume and can pass these savings onto you.
Basically, let us take the responsibility for the sourcing the part with the understanding that we are NOT going to charge much more than the websites do.

Where are you located?
We are located in Holly Hill, which is just north of Daytona Beach, FL. We can easily be reached off  US 1 or 95. See the map for further instructions.
How can I contact the Toy Box?
We can be reached at:
Toy Box Jeeps                                                                      Phone: (386) 677-3138
349 Walker St.                                                                     Toll Free (888) 869-2690
Holly Hill, FL                                                                         FAX (386) 677-3313
E-Mail –
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How much will it cost?
That, of course depends  on the options that you include and what type of vehicle that you want. Go to the Information page for a better idea of prices.

Can you give me advice?
Yes, we can! Bring in the Jeep so we can see what you have and we can give you straight forward advice on restoration or modifying you Jeep.

Do you do general repair/maintenance?
Yes, we do. We can usually fit you in between restorations and can complete this work quickly.  Call for a time slot so we can fit you in!
Jeep owners –  feel free to come by and check us out. We specialize in Jeeps and know yours inside and out!