Jeep Maintenance

  • Engine:  follow your engine break in Pamphlet
  • Change oil and filter every 3000 miles  — use 20/50 Castrol GTX,  Valvoline or Kendall motor oil.
  • Change auto trans oil (Dextron) and filter first 10,000 miles and every 12,000 miles after that
  • Change front and rear gear oils every 12,000 miles unless under water then change Immediately!!
    • We recommend 80 90 gear oil and special limited slip oil when applicable for rear differential at this time we recommend checking and re torquing driveshafts.
  •  Change  standard trans oils and transfer case oils every 12,000 unless under water then immediately
    • Use correct gear oils and transmission oils — We recommend 80/90 weight gear oil or special trans oil for t4 and t5 transmissions
  • Drain and flush out cooling system every 15,000 or every 2 years. We recommend 50% mix and check and retighten all hose clamps and belt adjustments when under hood.
  • Rotate tires every 5000 miles front to rear. Torque to 85 footpounds. Do not criss-cross side to side. Run correct air pressure at all times and don’t forget to air back up after wheeling!
  • Paint  — do not wax jeep for 90 days. Always wash jeep with car wash soap no dish washing soap DO NOT use Windex or glass cleaner on plastic windows —  only car soap and water.
  •  Tire and wheel care — Keep wheels polished and tires properly cared for. We use Rubber Renew on the tires and all the rubber seals and gaskets to keep soft and pliable.

    If you follow this maintenance sheet you will keep your jeep in very good condition for a long time. Of course, any questions feel free to call Pete or Kim at the shop!!